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Why Your Twitter Person Needs to Be Older than 25

. . . otherwise, this happens: First, Mark recommended the Diigo iOS browser: . . . which makes sense, since he’s written about Diigo on ProfHacker. I replied, which makes sense, because I’m an idiot. That’s when things got entertaining: … Continue reading

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I may have watched too much Friends

People who follow me on Twitter know that this week has been contractor week at chez Salt-Box, with the focus of most efforts being the upstairs bathroom.  (You can see evidence on Flickr: “Things That Are Busted in Our Bathroom“; … Continue reading

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Known-new contract FAIL

From the AAUP’s “Things to Know Before You Go” page for this summer’s institute:  There is also a public wireless network available in any building on campus for those with laptops. Please remember to bring your cables. [emphasis added] Either … Continue reading

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Land of the Lost: in which I suffer for the sake of knowledge

This weekend at GeekDad I have a “10 things parents should know” post up about Land of the Lost, which was almost no fun at all.  That said, there’s always a silver lining: 10.  Well, is there at least a … Continue reading

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Learning from our public schools: What matters in evaluations

So, this weekend we received a document with two forms: the teacher of the year nomination and a parent survey, largely about satisfaction with the school.  We’re pretty happy with the school, and very happy with the teacher, so no … Continue reading

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An offer to UConn

Readers outside CT may not be aware that there is currently a mini-scandal in the state about retired employees, including faculty members, who keep working and are thus drawing both pension and pay from the state.  Sometimes this is fairly … Continue reading

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The true meaning of a Ph.D.

In the Feb. 16 issue of The Sporting News, Shaquille O’Neal explains what a getting a doctorate means to him: SN: I understand we’ll soon have to call you Dr. Shaq. O’Neal: That’s right. SN: When will that be? O’Neal: … Continue reading

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One sign you’re becoming yet another absent-minded professor

When you spend three minutes staring out of your office window wondering how to figure out whether it’s stopped raining, the better to return books to the library . . . you may be an absent-minded prof. Not good. (One … Continue reading

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Students’ research and writing process

This month’s issue of Macworld imagines a typical student’s writing process, and it isn’t pretty: If you’re using Safari to do so some heavy-duty browsing, you’ve probably got multiple windows and multiple tabs open at once.  For instance, when doing … Continue reading

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A summertime Friday query on faculty governance

If the student center changes their fries (to “steak-cut”), shouldn’t they have to run that by the faculty senate? Steak-cut’s gross. (It may well be, of course, that they’re just out of regular fries.  But isn’t it convenient that they’d … Continue reading

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