Why Your Twitter Person Needs to Be Older than 25


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. . . otherwise, this happens:

First, Mark recommended the Diigo iOS browser:

@ @ Why wait? The Diigo Browser app has a share button built-in. (Seems like I should profhack this app....)
Mark Sample

. . . which makes sense, since he’s written about Diigo on ProfHacker. I replied,

@ @ The Diigo browser ate my baby. I can't recommend it.

which makes sense, because I’m an idiot. That’s when things got entertaining:

@ @ @ Could you let us know more details about diigo browser issue by sending an email to joel 【at】diigo.com?

Who knew that the joke was so obscure?

All of which is just to say that Diigo makes a very fine iOS browser, one which, to the best of my knowledge, is not responsible for eating *any* babies, Australian or otherwise.

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4 Responses to Why Your Twitter Person Needs to Be Older than 25

  1. Terry Brock says:

    I was about to respond by saying indignantly that I know that joke…only to then remember that I’m not 25 anymore…

  2. Katrina says:

    The earnestness just makes me laugh so much.

  3. jbj says:

    @Katrina That’s exactly it. I hope that doesn’t make us bad people!