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Changes ahead!

(and no, the change isn’t just that I’m posting to this blog again!) I’m delighted to report that, beginning next month, I will be the Director of Educational Technology at Trinity College. This is an exciting opportunity to work closely … Continue reading

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Local legend in the NY Times

George Vecsey’s column this Sunday is about Steve Dalkowski, the fireballing pitcher who struck Maris out on three pitches, convinced Ted Williams to bow out of trying to hit him, and served, in part, as the inspiration for Nuke LaLoosh. … Continue reading

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I may have watched too much Friends

People who follow me on Twitter know that this week has been contractor week at chez Salt-Box, with the focus of most efforts being the upstairs bathroom.  (You can see evidence on Flickr: “Things That Are Busted in Our Bathroom“; … Continue reading

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The zoo!

Yesterday we went to the Bronx Zoo for the first time.  A good time was had by all–as you can see here, we got a pretty up-close visit from a polar bear, plus close encounters with red pandas, baboons, giraffes, … Continue reading

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The first science project

Last week, the 6-yr-old’s school–the Holmes School for Science & Technology–had its first science fair. (I know, right?  What were they waiting for?)  Anyway, the boy was *super* excited about it, as you can see in this photoset on Flickr,  … Continue reading

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For my CT readers: Merlin Mann is @ CCSU next week!

On Tuesday, April 28, Merlin Mann (of, You Look Nice Today: A Journal of Emotional Hygiene, 5ives, 30 Seconds With That Phone Guy, Kung Fu Grippe, and too many awesome things to mention) will be at CCSU.  Mann will … Continue reading

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An offer to UConn

Readers outside CT may not be aware that there is currently a mini-scandal in the state about retired employees, including faculty members, who keep working and are thus drawing both pension and pay from the state.  Sometimes this is fairly … Continue reading

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Overheard at the Genius Bar

Standing on line at the Genius Bar Wednesday night, I overheard the end of a transaction between the Genius and a Customer: G: You’re all set . . . just pull your car to the door in parking lot B1, … Continue reading

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Women and The Wire

Urmee Khan has a terminally silly post this morning at the Guardian‘s Comment Is Free site, arguing that only middle-aged white guys like HBO’s brilliant show, The Wire.  Her chief objection to the show is its treatment of women: It … Continue reading

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What’s your Walk Score?

Via Digital Digs, here’s Walk Score, an interesting Google Maps mash-up that “calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc.” Our house scored a 28, or Not Walkable. Which is funny, because we in … Continue reading

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