I may have watched too much Friends

People who follow me on Twitter know that this week has been contractor week at chez Salt-Box, with the focus of most efforts being the upstairs bathroom.  (You can see evidence on Flickr: “Things That Are Busted in Our Bathroom“; “Day 2: Return of the Contractor“; and “Day 3: Still Contractin‘.”)

The bathtub’s not cast-iron or porcelain or anything . . . it’s a composite material called “Vikrell,” which is why we could afford it.  I have no idea if this is a good decision, or not–frankly, it’s the best we could do now–but the name is unfortunate.  All I can think of is this episode from Friends, when Ross invents a former boyfriend for Phoebe, named Vikram.

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3 Responses to I may have watched too much Friends

  1. Sisyphus says:

    I love those retro lights! Give them to me. Well, ok, I rent —- sell them to someone else who will love them?

  2. jbj says:

    I don’t think so — they’ve got about 50 years of accumulated gunk baked into ’em. And as we discovered today, the fan in our bathroom doesn’t vent anywhere . . . so it really is a proper 50 years of unventilated gunk.

    It is possible that, were we to see them in a different context, we’d like ’em better!!

  3. Otis says:

    Vikrell will be (depending on your contractor) spongy feeling when you step in the tub… at least that was my experience… and you’ll probably find that keeping the tub clean will be a “delicate” effort if you want to keep that shiny look… or clean look. After only 8 years… it was back to cast iron and porcelain for my house because we could never seem to keep it clean looking, without using something “stronger” than recommended for upkeep… which eventually adjusted the finish in a way that was not pleasing to the eye. So they “vented” to the attic aye?