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Banning Balls in School

Let’s take it as read that the public schools these days worship a false idol of “safety,” trying so hard to be risk-averse that they often end up spoiling kids’ fun and making it harder for them to learn. I’ve … Continue reading

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Local legend in the NY Times

George Vecsey’s column this Sunday is about Steve Dalkowski, the fireballing pitcher who struck Maris out on three pitches, convinced Ted Williams to bow out of trying to hit him, and served, in part, as the inspiration for Nuke LaLoosh. … Continue reading

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Learning from our public schools: What matters in evaluations

So, this weekend we received a document with two forms: the teacher of the year nomination and a parent survey, largely about satisfaction with the school.  We’re pretty happy with the school, and very happy with the teacher, so no … Continue reading

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Et tu, copyeditors

I know typo-blogging is a bit unfair, but this one’s pretty funny.  From today’s New Britain Herald: The story, of course, is deeply unfunny.  While I’m prepared in theory to agree that throwing money at problems isn’t always a good … Continue reading

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RBOC: Friday edition

Yesterday’s post at Blog of a Bookslut was later than usual, but did make it up. I’m excited about a mini-interview with Angus McLaren (author of Impotence: A Cultural History) that I’ll be posting Monday to Re:Print. Also, yesterday I … Continue reading

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NB High on probation

If your kid is 4, is it too early to worry about the fact that the local high school flunked it’s NEASC accreditation visit?  The only real reporting on this story has come from NBBlogs.  Today Patrick Thibodeau had the … Continue reading

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