The true meaning of a Ph.D.

In the Feb. 16 issue of The Sporting News, Shaquille O’Neal explains what a getting a doctorate means to him:

SN: I understand we’ll soon have to call you Dr. Shaq.

O’Neal: That’s right.

SN: When will that be?

O’Neal: Probably 2010, maybe 2011.  Human relations.  My thing is, I want to go out and help big corporations, do consulting, find out who the mole is and help them fix it.  Do funny speeches, get paid for it.  A la Tony Robbins.  You know, having the doctorate behind it means you’re an expert.  I can go now as Shaq, but they’ll look at me like, “What the (expletive) do you know?”  So, put that doctor behind it, “expert,” and it’ll make sense.

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2 Responses to The true meaning of a Ph.D.

  1. Braden Hosch says:

    One old saw is that in earning the PhD, you get to know more and more about less and less until you know everything about nothing.

  2. GLG says:

    Shaq’s got it right…

    Bill Cosby, Laura Schlesinger, Dr. Phil, Gina Barecca, the list goes on and on…

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