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Typo of the week

From Michael Rosen, the  UK children‘s poet laureate: Why is television afraid of poetry? What’s the matter with them? Poetry fills clubs, halls and venues. Poets and poems can talk to the deepest feelings and to the silliest. It can … Continue reading

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Review: Some Common Weaknesses Illustrated, by Carson Cistulli

In this month’s Bookslut, I review Carson Cistulli’s Some Common Weaknesses Illustrated:  One of the book’s strongest features is its implicit commentary on American masculinity, especially in its adolescent and 20-something variants. Cistulli’s poems are sports-besotted, not with the usual … Continue reading

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Review: Freud’s Wizard: Ernest Jones and the Transformation of Psychoanalysis, by Brenda Maddox

In this month’s Bookslut, I review Brenda Maddox’s new biography of Ernest Jones: Three of Brenda Maddox’s splendid biographies center on famous modernist marriages: D. H. & Frieda Lawrence, W. B. & Georgie Yeats, and James and Nora Joyce. Like … Continue reading

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Drawbacks of a teenaged workforce

When the city postponed fireworks on Wednesday, we decided to go see Ratatouille.  (A split decision: A & I loved it; The Little Man thought it was a little funny, but nowhere near as good as Cars, Toy Story, or … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to A

How often do you get a review published on your birthday?  It was thoughtful of the PMC editors to arrange that for her.  She’s thirty-four  I of course would never mention her age.

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Robert Zemeckis hates Christmas: or, Leave Dickens alone!

This is probably what Hopkins meant when he wrote “no worst, there is none.” From the BBC: Bad: Actor Jim Carrey is to play Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future Worse: a Walt Disney remake … Continue reading

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New Bookslut post

Another Thursday, another chance to post at Blog of a Bookslut.  The key bit: What kind of self-deluded narcissism is required for an editor of the Times Book Review section to write, “Never mind reviews. What’s happened to proletarian literature … Continue reading

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T. E. Hulme’s Romanticism and classicism

Longtime Salt-Box readers may have noticed that my archives haven’t yet made it over to the new WordPress version.  I’m still not quite sure what I think about that. But I do like to provide a service to the people … Continue reading

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My iPhone: The first 48 hours

Thanks in part to an overly generous anniversary gift, I bought an iPhone Tuesday afternoon.  The timing was a little funny: On the one hand, I wouldn’t have a ton of time to play with it on Tuesday or Wednesday … Continue reading

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NB High on probation

If your kid is 4, is it too early to worry about the fact that the local high school flunked it’s NEASC accreditation visit?  The only real reporting on this story has come from NBBlogs.  Today Patrick Thibodeau had the … Continue reading

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