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The mini-interviews are back!

I’m *very* pleased to say that this week marks the return of my posting mini-interviews, rather than only links, to Jessa Crispin’s Blog of a Bookslut.  There are more in the pipeline, too–including an exciting multimedia one! At any rate, … Continue reading

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Typo of the week

From Michael Rosen, the  UK children‘s poet laureate: Why is television afraid of poetry? What’s the matter with them? Poetry fills clubs, halls and venues. Poets and poems can talk to the deepest feelings and to the silliest. It can … Continue reading

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Review: Some Common Weaknesses Illustrated, by Carson Cistulli

In this month’s Bookslut, I review Carson Cistulli’s Some Common Weaknesses Illustrated:  One of the book’s strongest features is its implicit commentary on American masculinity, especially in its adolescent and 20-something variants. Cistulli’s poems are sports-besotted, not with the usual … Continue reading

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New Bookslut post

My weekly post at Blog of a Bookslut is up. Topics include the new book of Guantanamo Bay detainee poems, a new edition of Blake’s illustrations of “Comus,” the “Immanent Willy,” and more.

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