T. E. Hulme’s Romanticism and classicism

Longtime Salt-Box readers may have noticed that my archives haven’t yet made it over to the new WordPress version.  I’m still not quite sure what I think about that.

But I do like to provide a service to the people who get here via Google!  And since Mark Bauerlein gave T. E. Hulme’s “Romanticism and Classicism” a plug on InsideHigherEd.com this morning*, this seems like a good time to restore access to the Hulme essay.

Without further ado, then, here is the much-searched for link to a .pdf of the fulltext of Hulme’s “Romanticism and Classicism,” from his collection of essays, Speculations.  I believe the text to be out of copyright.



If it affords Mark any comfort, I get visitors to the site every single day looking for Hulme’s essay–during the semester, sometimes up to 10 a day.  So clearly *someone* out there is reading him.  And I use the essay as a frame for my Brit Lit II classes, which are explicitly conceived as a semester-long investigation of the idea of tradition.

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