My iPhone: The first 48 hours

Thanks in part to an overly generous anniversary gift, I bought an iPhone Tuesday afternoon.  The timing was a little funny: On the one hand, I wouldn’t have a ton of time to play with it on Tuesday or Wednesday (summer grades were due at 8am today); on the other hand, I had heard that Apple would be running out by the end of this week (which seems to have been more or less accurate).

Because I had a little bit of time between bringing it home on Tuesday and starting to use it more intensively today, some buyer’s remorse crept in.  I have never been a cell phone person.  We have cell phones, in part because of the boy, but, in reality, one or the other of us is reachable by a land line the vast majority of the time.  90% of the time, I don’t even have my cell phone with me.  And as long as I thought about the iPhone as a species of phone, I began to get a little itchy about it.

But if I have my phone with me less than 10% of the time, I *always* have an iPod with me.  And that was what really struck me today: It’s not that I got a new phone.  I got a new iPod, and my iPod also sees the wireless network at my house and on my campus.  And it makes calls.  So, when I took the Little Man to swimming lessons today, as always, I brought my iPod to pass the time.  But today, unlike previous days, I wrote an e-mail about the lesson for A.

And all of a sudden, all the “e-mail to add” functionality of sites I already use–like 30Boxes, rememberthemilk, and stikkit–became much more relevant than they’d ever been before.  That little shift in thinking–It’s my iPod, which is always with me–made a big difference.  I don’t care that there are other phones that theoretically do more–I wouldn’t carry them.  But this fun little device ought to help me with work-related organizational tasks in all sorts of unexpected ways.

3 other points: 1) It’s pretty sturdy.  It got knocked out of my hand when I was holding it waist-high, and it fell onto concrete with nary a scratch.   2) While walking across campus today, I looked up a phone number in Safari (using the wireless connection) while listening to The Hold Steady.   When I touched the phone number, the phone dialed it,  automatically muting the music.  I got the information, ended the call, and I was right back in the middle of “How a Resurrection Really Feels.”  The ease of that sequence of events made me laugh with delight.  3) I’ve got man-sausage fingers, and the typing’s pretty easy.  I’ve not spent much time with the keyboard, but you pick it up pretty quickly.  (Although the auto-correct dictionary suggested “Ono” when I typed “kno” en route to “know.”  I mean, I know Jobs likes the Beatles, but . . . )

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  1. Paul H says:

    It is really surprising how the hype around the iPhone can’t quite cover the delight that most of us iPhoners have gotten from our new device.
    It’s loads more fun than a phone, an iPod, a PDA, etc.
    It is going to have/has already had a significant impact on the mobile platform.
    I have been thinking that this is going to make content even more important and the platform something secondary. The expectations that the end users will have is going to shift and there will be a growing pressure on technologies to be more about the user and less and less about the technology itself (finally). I like it. 🙂

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