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Should MLA members be experts in electronic environments?

Alex Reid has a typically thoughtful post this morning on the MLA’s recent white paper on the undergraduate major in language and literature.  There is something a bit embarrassing about the MLA’s assertion that competencies in reading and writing translate … Continue reading

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The true meaning of a Ph.D.

In the Feb. 16 issue of The Sporting News, Shaquille O’Neal explains what a getting a doctorate means to him: SN: I understand we’ll soon have to call you Dr. Shaq. O’Neal: That’s right. SN: When will that be? O’Neal: … Continue reading

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One sign you’re becoming yet another absent-minded professor

When you spend three minutes staring out of your office window wondering how to figure out whether it’s stopped raining, the better to return books to the library . . . you may be an absent-minded prof. Not good. (One … Continue reading

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Penn CFP list

I don’t think this information has been disseminated very widely, so: According to the list’s main page at the UPenn website, the list is (at least temporarily) dead: Due to technical and administrative difficulties, we can no longer offer mass … Continue reading

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For future students: How to ask to be let into a course

One of my best things is not taking things personally. Almost nothing has anything to do with me. –Robert Lopez, A Part of the World   Unlike Robert Lopez’s narrator,  “not taking things personally” is one of my worst things.  … Continue reading

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A summertime Friday query on faculty governance

If the student center changes their fries (to “steak-cut”), shouldn’t they have to run that by the faculty senate? Steak-cut’s gross. (It may well be, of course, that they’re just out of regular fries.  But isn’t it convenient that they’d … Continue reading

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Things that probably make conservatives go “huh.”

Thursday’s e-mail brought the AAUP‘s monthly e-newsletter promoting the contents of Academe.  Here’s a screen shot of one of the news items: I don’t want to defend either ACTA or Anne Neal, but I do think it’s weird to conflate … Continue reading

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At the Academic Commons today, I have a post introducing Collex, a search- and tagging- tool that allows researchers to move seamlessly among most of the major 19th-century digital collections.  Collex is one of the coolest early fruits of Jerome … Continue reading

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Summer’s finally here

My two summer classes end today!  July and August will be the first two months I’ve gone without teaching since 2003.  I scarcely know what to do . . . (Well, Alton Locke is due to Broadview in August, and … Continue reading

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What’s an assignment for?

This year I’ve been experimenting with a variety of digital replacements for my conventional “3 explication papers + one short paper + one medium-length paper” assignment set; for the purposes of this experiment, I’m not requiring formal papers at all.  … Continue reading

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