Summer’s finally here

My two summer classes end today!  July and August will be the first two months I’ve gone without teaching since 2003.  I scarcely know what to do . . .

(Well, Alton Locke is due to Broadview in August, and I’ve got interesting summer plans at Bookslut & at Re:Print.  So it’ll be a busy summer–just not a *teaching* summer.)

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2 Responses to Summer’s finally here

  1. David Miles, Esq. says:

    Don’t forget all of the help I will need; so ideally–at least for me–you will not be idle. See what I did with “ideally” and “idle”? I’m telling you, son: skills.

    P.S. Here’s to Kobe translating from your Lake Show to my Knicks. It could happen!

  2. jbj says:

    Well, that’s hardly work . . . !

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