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Women and The Wire

Urmee Khan has a terminally silly post this morning at the Guardian‘s Comment Is Free site, arguing that only middle-aged white guys like HBO’s brilliant show, The Wire.  Her chief objection to the show is its treatment of women: It … Continue reading

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Et tu, copyeditors

I know typo-blogging is a bit unfair, but this one’s pretty funny.  From today’s New Britain Herald: The story, of course, is deeply unfunny.  While I’m prepared in theory to agree that throwing money at problems isn’t always a good … Continue reading

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Drawbacks of a teenaged workforce

When the city postponed fireworks on Wednesday, we decided to go see Ratatouille.  (A split decision: A & I loved it; The Little Man thought it was a little funny, but nowhere near as good as Cars, Toy Story, or … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to A

How often do you get a review published on your birthday?  It was thoughtful of the PMC editors to arrange that for her.  She’s thirty-four  I of course would never mention her age.

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NB High on probation

If your kid is 4, is it too early to worry about the fact that the local high school flunked it’s NEASC accreditation visit?  The only real reporting on this story has come from NBBlogs.  Today Patrick Thibodeau had the … Continue reading

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A four-year-old’s photos of iPhone mania

My four-year-old has listened with mild disbelief for a couple of weeks now whenever I’ve mentioned that people would be lining up outside the local Apple store to buy phones.  He’s seen the phones (or, at least the videos and … Continue reading

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