A four-year-old’s photos of iPhone mania

Playmobil figures lining up for iPhones

My four-year-old has listened with mild disbelief for a couple of weeks now whenever I’ve mentioned that people would be lining up outside the local Apple store to buy phones.  He’s seen the phones (or, at least the videos and the mockups), and thinks they’re cool, but he couldn’t get his brain around “lining up for hours to buy a phone.”  (And, yes, Alex, I’m getting one, though I didn’t go today.)

So, he did what he always does when he can’t get his brain around something: He modeled it.   He built an Apple store out of Lincoln Logs and PlayMobil accessories, and then queued up the customers.  (All photos linked below–both of his model and of the real customers–are by my kid.)

Here’s the customers lining up, here’s a tighter shot, and here’s a close-up of the pile of iPhone boxes on a deliveryman’s hand-truck.

At this point, my wife, who *also* couldn’t get her brain around “lining up to buy a cell phone,” decided to take him to the mall (Westfarms, in West Hartford, CT) to see whether Dad was right, or just insane.  She made sure he brought my camera: First he took a picture of the sign, to show where he was.  Then he took a picture of the people on line.  But then he got distracted by the security guard, who seemed on the verge of doing something interesting.  Alas, the guard turned out to be friendly.  Finally, The Little Man snapped a picture of the guard’s cool hat.

He definitely is on board with getting a real one now.  Maybe Fake Steve can send a shirt.

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