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The zoo!

Yesterday we went to the Bronx Zoo for the first time.  A good time was had by all–as you can see here, we got a pretty up-close visit from a polar bear, plus close encounters with red pandas, baboons, giraffes, … Continue reading

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The first science project

Last week, the 6-yr-old’s school–the Holmes School for Science & Technology–had its first science fair. (I know, right?  What were they waiting for?)  Anyway, the boy was *super* excited about it, as you can see in this photoset on Flickr,  … Continue reading

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Land of the Lost: in which I suffer for the sake of knowledge

This weekend at GeekDad I have a “10 things parents should know” post up about Land of the Lost, which was almost no fun at all.  That said, there’s always a silver lining: 10.  Well, is there at least a … Continue reading

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Juxtaposed without comment: Retirement & the 2-career academic couple

It’s been a hard month, but I think the worm will turn, schedule-wise over the next week or two, and so I can become a bit more human.  In the interval, a couple of interesting links: When people complain about … Continue reading

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Playlist for a 6-yr-old

This is the year-in-review playlist for the boy, who turned 6 this week.  (See this post at GeekDad for background.) 1. “Constructive Summer,” The Hold Steady 2. “3 Dimes Down,” Drive-By Truckers 3. “Livin’ in the Future,” Bruce Springsteen 4. … Continue reading

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On not noticing

Thinking about the infinite distractions of contemporary affluent life, Laura Miller glosses Winifred Gallagher’s Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life, thus: Your very self, “stored in your memory,” is the product of what you pay attention to, since you can’t … Continue reading

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Here’s a funny thing (actually, 2)

Two announcements: I’m mostly pleased to say that, as of this afternoon, I’m the president-elect (effective virtually immediately) of the CCSU AAUP chapter.  On our campus, that’s a union position, representing full-time *and* part-time faculty, librarians, and coaches.  I say … Continue reading

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For my CT readers: Merlin Mann is @ CCSU next week!

On Tuesday, April 28, Merlin Mann (of, You Look Nice Today: A Journal of Emotional Hygiene, 5ives, 30 Seconds With That Phone Guy, Kung Fu Grippe, and too many awesome things to mention) will be at CCSU.  Mann will … Continue reading

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Maybe the “Online Comments Are Basically Worthless” People Have a Point

The New Britain Herald has a story up about a high-achieving local student who is mulling over several Ivy League acceptances.  It’s a perfectly heartwarming story . . . until the commenters start in. The first poster is innocuous enough, … Continue reading

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Graff & curricular mixed messages in English depts

Mark Bauerlein posted over the weekend about Gerald Graff’s presidential address (some scrolling required) to the MLA.  The argument will be familiar to anyone who’s read Graff’s Clueless in Academe: The default attitude of many professors is a kind of … Continue reading

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