Novelty t-shirts as an expression of parenting differences

The boy has kicked off summer with two new t-shirts, each related to interests he’s expressed, but also that probably are pretty indicative of things about his parents. Let’s see what you think!

First, from his mother (t-shirt from Zazzle):

(He’s a single-issue supporter of Obama: “Barack Obama is against the war.” It’s especially funny when he says this decked out in camo and pretending to shoot lasers.)

And then from me (via Retropolis Transit Authority) :

(You can also see this pic at the designer’s weblog.)

Now that I think about it, my mom sent my brother to school one time, late in the school year, wearing a t-shirt to express our collective frustration at his teacher’s fondness for projects that *clearly* required familial help: “I survived 72 4th-grade projects!”  (the number’s a guess).

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4 Responses to Novelty t-shirts as an expression of parenting differences

  1. Frothy McBaldman says:

    Two questions:
    a) does this make Eliot one of them goldurned elitists? I ask because I’m buying an espresso machine and need advice.

    b) what is he, like 6’2″? Crikey.

    (Radical Solutions is no more, by the bye.)

  2. Jason says:

    *Really* gone, too, I note . . . hope everything’s ok!

    He’s exactly 48.25 inches, at 5 yrs and 1 month.

    I think he’d recommend a camouflage espresso machine, of any brand. (He has more orthodox opinions on Macs/PCs, however, as well as MacBook vs. iMac.)

  3. Frothy McBaldman says:

    Hm. Must be one of those perspective tricks that makes him look like Paul Bunyan. I also see a hint of 5 o’clock shadow.

    I closed down RStEP and migrated over to an eponymous blog on WordPress, complete with middle initial–the “H” stands for hypnopompic! Launched a companion site on Myspace, too. I’m friends with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, which makes my life complete. Figured it was high time I owned up to my diatribes and attempted the whole “networking” thing.

  4. steph says:

    He needs to be in a catalog. And I second the 5 o’clock shadow comment. Feed that boy organic milk!

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