Unmasked: My Secret Identity Revealed

George Lucas & Steven Spielberg seem to have revealed a family secret. In an early scene from Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a bus labeled “New Britain Transportation” is clearly visible. Sure enough, Marshall College, where Indiana Jones once taught, is located in New Britain, Connecticut (thx to Gil for pointing this out).

I can confirm that “Indiana” Jones is my grandfather. Those who know me will doubtless confirm that the physical resemblance is striking–indeed, my ratemyprofessor.com rating hides my chili pepper solely to protect me from my grandfather’s enemies, who are still legion.

While it’s an honor to carry on the family business–that is, attentive, dutiful teaching, just like Granddaddy Indy–it has been a trial to have the secret of my father’s birth paraded through the multiplexes of the world.

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