Long-form interviews

This is just a post to collect links to the various long-form interviews that I’ve done. A follow-on will assemble links to the shorter interviews.

  • “Merlin Mann and the First-Person Transitive.”  12 September 2009.  ProfHacker.com
  • “The Second Coming of Steampunk: An interview with Ann and Jeff VanderMeer.”  11 September 2008.  PopMatters.com.
  • “An Interview with Kate Summerscale.” September 2008.  Bookslut.com
  • “An Interview with Richard K. Morgan.”  September 2008.  Clarkesworld Magazine.
  • “An Interview with Lisa Appignanesi.” July 2008. Bookslut.com
  • “An Interview with Jeff Warren.” June 2008. Bookslut.com
  • “‘A Pill for Every Mood’: An Interview with Christopher Lane.” December 2007. Bookslut.com
  • “Michel Faber’s Fantasies.” 1 November 2007. PopMatters.com
  • “An Interview with Mark Solms.” May 2007. Bookslut.com
  • “The Long Zoom: An Interview with Steven Johnson.” 6 April 2007. PopMatters.com
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2 Responses to Long-form interviews

  1. How did you get to be a bookslut?

  2. jbj says:

    Every once in a while Jessa Crispin, the editor, posts calls for reviewers. I answered one of those, and got the gig. Then I pitched the weekly blog posts, the column, and the feature-length interviews, the same as any other writer.

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