An interview with Jeff Warren about The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness

In the June issue of Bookslut, I have a long interview with Jeff Warren about his recent book, The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness.  The Head Trip is a fascinating look at  consciousness studies, and the interview was a lot of fun.  The bit Jessa picked out as the blurb is my favorite, too:

When you wake up in a dream and actually take a look around — it’s bananas. It’s the absolute craziest goddamn thing in all of human life. Every night we beam down into an elaborate virtual world where we can pound the walls with our oven-mitt fists and sniff giant daisies and have elliptical conversations with archetypal bus drivers. From inside a dream there is nothing vague or washed out about the experience — dreams are totally real, as real as getting off the plane in Lagos and ordering a beer from some guy at the side of the road. You are at this place -– you’re IN it! At the time it’s every bit as solid and real as waking.

Warren talks about sleep, lucid dreaming, drugs & consciousness, and a whole host of related points.  As always, read the whole thing!

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