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Good news, residents of New Britain!

If you turn to the last page of the April issue of Wired, you’ll see that New Britain will not always be a relatively poor, school-challenged city. No! This month’s “Artifacts from the Future,” by Paul Davidson, shows a future … Continue reading

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The narcissism of minor differences

Apparently my (Connecticut-based) MacBook’s dictionary doesn’t recognize Rhode Island as a state: My students have always explained that RI stands in approximately the same relation to CT as West Virginia does to Virginia, or Alabama to Georgia — I guess … Continue reading

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HBO’s In Treatment

My PsychoSlut column this month is about HBO’s recent show, In Treatment: About a decade ago, when starting as a graduate student in Emory’s Psychoanalytic Studies Program, I had a fierce, public argument with a good friend, Eddie Gamarra, about … Continue reading

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From Twitter to Wikis: Presentation Notes

This morning I’m giving a presentation at the local Academic Computing Conference entitled “From Twitter to Wikis: Why Your Students Should Care about the New Web Tools.” There are basically 3 parts to the presentation: First, I argue that too … Continue reading

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What university press book would put you off a potential lover?

David Glenn poses the above question over at the Chronicle‘s Footnoted blog. The closest I can come to answering is the story below, which I can justify because SUNY Press brought out a translation of Being and Time shortly after … Continue reading

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