Good news, residents of New Britain!

If you turn to the last page of the April issue of Wired, you’ll see that New Britain will not always be a relatively poor, school-challenged city. No! This month’s “Artifacts from the Future,” by Paul Davidson, shows a future Risk game (CNN World News Edition), in which the Hardware City has realized its manifest destiny to rule over all New England, and indeed some mid-Atlantic states:


One day, dominion shall be ours!  Take *that*, Newington and Plainville!

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3 Responses to Good news, residents of New Britain!

  1. Tom says:

    I look forward to the secession of Heartlandia. Brawndo rules!

  2. squawky says:

    Apparently sea level has risen quite a bit – we should remember to sack some of the coastal towns so we can beef up our navy before this happens…

  3. Alex says:

    I should remember to invest in some stilts…..

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