The answer is *always* yes.

In general, I’ve been getting a lot of excited feedback about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen class, which starts the 23rd.  Certainly I’m excited, but more than a few students have been getting in touch–more than 5 different students e-mailed me about these cool figures.

But today a student went to the bookstore, then sent the following question (among others):

 There are 12 books ordered for your class.  Will we be reading them all?  I don’t want to buy books we’re not going to read.

On the one hand, I definitely understand that motive.  On the other hand, here’s the booklist.   3 comic books, at least 4 other books under 200 pages, and some under 100.

But, as a service to future students enrolled in my classes: The answer is always yes.  Always.  I know other professors sometimes order books using a “better safe than sorry” approach, but I just believe in tons of reading.

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