Oh, that’s what cameraphones are for

I’ve been very late to the cameraphone thing, in part because it was a pain to get pictures off of our old phones, and in part because most of the pictures I’d ever seen were pretty stupid.  There are pictures of the kind Alex (the Church Mouse-in-Chief) describes below, and then there’s the time a colleague in my department had an upskirt photo taken of her during class . . . .  (How do I know?  Well, if you’re stupid enough to take an upskirt photo of your professor, then you are probably also stupid enough to brag  & show it off to classmates.)

However, Friday I *finally* hit upon a reasonable use for a cameraphone.  At lunch on Friday, The Little Man agreed that the following picture constituted objective proof that he needed a nap:

(Don’t worry–he didn’t eat all that ice cream by himself.)

Now, as you can imagine, my plan is to follow him around like a stalker, snapping pictures until he concedes that he’s tired.  That seems *much* saner to me than crafting a “family mission statement” or some such horror.  Ok, “saner” probably isn’t the right word–but then again, I was kidding.  The mission statement people seem to be serious. (H/t to mom for the FMS buzzword!)

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