Many (I dunno, 3?) years ago, I joined Facebook during the summer.  It was back when the site automatically matched people up based on their class schedule.  About a month before school started, I quit: As students were populating their schedules, they were showing up as friends on my profile page, frequently with pictures taken at some party or another.  (Heavens!  College kids partying . . . what *will* we tell the elders?)

The problem was that I hadn’t yet met most of these students, and I was pretty sure they weren’t looking to have me “meet” them by seeing a picture of them half-naked, flipping off the camera.  So, I wrote it off as a student thing, and closed my account.

Now that it’s all safe for grown-ups, though . . . I’m back.  (Mostly due to some steady nagging from various people.)  If, for some reason, you’re desperate for more JBJ content, or just need more Facebook notches, you can find me here.

If you’re looking for actual interesting internet content tonight, try last night’s Bookslut post, or the updated links in the post below.

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