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Finally! A motivational poster I can get on board with

This poster is in many of the bathrooms on campus; I think it’s provided by one of the state’s health insurance providers: Notice: whether you’re sick or you’re well, the best thing to do is to STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE! … Continue reading

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Why, you must be illiterate, and interested in overpriced, pretentious, tacky crap!

Now that the pre-Christmas onslaught of catalogs is in full-swing, it has been amusing to see what kinds of companies think I’d be interested in their products.  The comedic winner, by a wide margin, so far this year is Source … Continue reading

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New column: Freud on Freud

The November issue of Bookslut is online, including my column on Freud.  This month, I discuss Studies on Hysteria, volume II of the Standard Edition.  In particular, I’m interested in Freud’s prefaces to his own works–moments when he addresses his … Continue reading

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The first day of registration

I’m shocked–SHOCKED!–that, after the first full day of registration, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen course has 9 students, while Digital Literary Studies has zero. How could a comic-based course possibly be more popular than a theoretical introduction to humanities computing, … Continue reading

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A 4-yr-old reviews Bee Movie

Since it was rainy, windy, and about 40 degrees today in New Britain, and since A was out of town (at a conference! in California! chatting up Helen Mirren in a security line at LAX!), the Little Man and I … Continue reading

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Bloom’s Classical Critical Views: Charles Dickens

Chelsea House has a new series of reference works aimed at the secondary-ed and undergraduate markets. Called “Bloom’s Classical Critical Views,” they publish contemporary perspectives on 19thC writers (i.e., reviews that are out of copyright). For each review, the volume … Continue reading

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An interview with Michel Faber

I have a feature-length review + interview today in PopMatters with Michel Faber about his new book of short stories, Vanilla Bright Like Eminem.  Victorianists who read this blog will recognize Faber as the author of the neo-Victorian novel, The … Continue reading

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