The first day of registration

I’m shocked–SHOCKED!–that, after the first full day of registration, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen course has 9 students, while Digital Literary Studies has zero. How could a comic-based course possibly be more popular than a theoretical introduction to humanities computing, one which fulfills *no* requirements for the major?

A free month’s subscription to this blog to readers who can guess the gender demographics of the 9 (judging by names).

(I’ll freely concede that it’s not healthy to be this interested in my enrollments. Nonetheless . . . )

UPDATE (11/12): One week later: 28 students in League, against 2 (!) in Digital Literary Studies.  *Sigh* . . .

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6 Responses to The first day of registration

  1. Alex says:

    and I am stuck waiting until the 13th!


  2. jbj says:

    Well, it helps to know the professor.

    On the plus side, plenty of good seats still available in DLS, which is, after all, closer to your major.

  3. Alex says:

    Closer to my major seems to be an understatement, but agreed wholly.

  4. Mama Anarchia says:

    Hey now, easy on the demographic jokes. If it fit my schedule, I would be in there, too. (But then, I’m not much of a girl when it comes to books. Cyberpunk, anyone?)

  5. Heather says:

    One of those students is my fault . . .

  6. jbj says:

    Mama A: As you well remember, there was a pretty skewed demographic in the cyberpunk class . . . It looks like this course will rival that one in distribution.

    It’s just funny, because almost all English classes are majority female, and usually by a pretty wide margin.

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