Review: Count Dracula (BBC TV) DVD

I wonder why PopMatters decided to run my review of the BBC Count Dracula DVD *today* . . . ?  (Just kidding: The boy’s been hopped-up on anticipated candy for a week.) A preview:

By playing Dracula, not as a frenzied monster consumed by bloodlust, but only as a man doing –as do we all—what he must, Jordan ensures the constant relevance of his performance.  Even under the padding of a BBC production, Jordan brings out the erotic dimension of Dracula without giving in wholly to indulgence.  The main female characters, Susan Penhaligon as Lucy and Judi Bowker as Mina, are fine as far as they go, but, as I discuss below, they are not allowed to go as far in this adaptation as they are in Stoker’s novel.

Read the whole thing!

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