Ms. Mentor, meet the Valve

Today’s Ms. Mentor column offers a juicy pop-culture tidbit:

Certainly there is a public image of fashion for academics. . . . For women it is the frumpy Marian the Librarian look — thoroughly unlike Julia Roberts’s professorial character in Mona Lisa Smile and even less like the Amazonian Shannon Tweed, the women’s-studies professor in one of Ms. Mentor’s all-time favorite movies, the thoroughly underrated Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. (Ms. Mentor has never met another living soul who’s seen it.)

Ms. Mentor needs to hang out at The Valve, where two years ago Ray Davis alerted readers to the DVD re-issue:

I first heard about CWitAJoD when it wowed a 1989 women’s film festival in Portland. After fifteen years, my VHS copy’s a bit bedraggled; happily, I was given the new DVD a few days ago. Very bare bones — it screams for a bootleg commentary track — but within an adjunct’s travel budget. On your way to the MLA, pick up a copy as an interview icebreaker.

And a commenter points to some multimedia previews at

No point, necessarily–but the movie does have a fan base.

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