A Freudian? Me?

Back when I was in the Psychoanalytic Studies Program, it would have amused me to no end to be characterized as a Freudian:

(We’ve become strangely Freudian over at Bookslut, what with Jason B. Jones’s new column and my reading his essays at the suggestion of a friend. We’ll try to throw in some Jung or Piaget [who doesn’t love a little genetic epistemology] or someone to balance it out.)

Within the world of psychoanalytic studies, I would identify as a Lacanian.  But since–as my column suggests–people *outside* that world don’t care about such differences, I speak of Freud.

Plus, one wants to have readers, right?  The # of people who’ve read part of the Dora case, or The Interpretation of Dreams, or Civilization and Its Discontents, or “The Uncanny” is a lot higher than the number of people who’ve read Lacan’s Seminar XVII (despite my  best efforts).

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