A little site my friends and I put together in August

 ProfHacker IconIf you find yourself missing content at The Salt-Box, which I guess is possible, you can slake your desire here:


ProfHacker is a multi-author blog, edited by George Williams and I [see the comments before sending a grammar flame, please!–jbj], devoted to pedagogy, productivity, and technology, and the intersection of these, in higher education.  It’s super cool. (Don’t believe me? Try a search on Twitter for ProfHacker.)

Give it a read!

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3 Responses to A little site my friends and I put together in August

  1. Paul Sas says:

    Found your site after listening to the linked podcast of your interview with Merlin Mann. You were the perfect interlocutor.

    Just a grammar question: Would you say that a site was edited by I? If so, whI? If not, wh-I not?

  2. Hi! I’m quite embarrassed that an English professor misused the subjective pronoun in place of an objective one (“edited by George and I”). Tsk, tsk to you, especially considering you lambasted another web site in an earlier post for a spelling error….

    Ah, hypercorrection!

  3. jbj says:

    *Sigh.* I thought it was funny. (B/c it’s right by the word “edited!”)

    That’s why I’ve left it there all these many months.