Take attendance with your phone

I have a review of the iPhone app Attendance up at Macworld, which is pretty cool.  (More to come, too!)

A taste:

Ever since I moved to an electronic gradebook, keeping track of attendance has been a nagging problem. Usually I circulate a sign-in sheet—but sometimes I forget, or let them accumulate before updating my spreadsheet. I’ve even misplaced one or two.

David M. Reed Software’s Attendance is designed—by a professor—for people like me, or even more organized people who teach or run meetings.

Read the whole thing (and enjoy the Green Lantern screen grab)!

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3 Responses to Take attendance with your phone

  1. Boone says:

    I usually take attendance on my laptop, extending my normal gradebook spreadsheet to include a new column for each class day. My system has been to use x for a present student, o for an absent student, the latter of which is replaced by l if the student arrives late. With a little conditional formatting and/or a COUNTIF function, I get attendance-at-a-glance when the time comes to tabulate grades.

    This app looks really slick, though – definitely worth the $3 to give it a try.

    Andrew Cullison has written about taking attendance with his G1 phone, again using a regular spreadsheet program.

  2. Dance says:

    I just read that at Macworld and didn’t even realize. Nice sideline!

  3. jbj says:

    @Dance: To be fair, there are so many Jason Joneses out there that it barely registers.

    @Boone: That makes sense. I don’t carry a laptop, because I carry too much other stuff. I tried taking attendance in a gDocs spreadsheet one semester, which worked ok. The problem there was that, in most classrooms, the media center is installed such that you have to face *away* from the students to use it, which is just insane.

    I could probably do that with my phone, but this is fun, and there’s the random student feature, which is a nice throw-in.

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