30boxes daily digest feature

Around Christmas, 30boxes announced a new feature for their slick online calendar: a daily digest of your schedule, arriving in your e-mail inbox around midnight.  Especially after the demise of Sandy, this is a useful feature to add.

Right now, though, it doesn’t work the way I expect.  It’s easy to control:

screen cap of 30boxes settings page

What I expect to happen is that I will only get e-mail when I have put events into my calendar myself.

What actually happens, though, is that I get e-mail when there’s an event on a webcalendar that I’ve subscribed to–typically, the calendar of events at CCSU.

That’s frustrating, because the two kinds of events aren’t the same.  The difference between them is clear enough in the regular 30boxes interface, which only shows events I’ve added–until I mouse over a given day, and then it reveals everything else.  My calendar should only e-mail me about events I really can’t miss, not to tell me that a bunch of different clubs have their meetings.

(Apparently I’ve been using 30boxes for almost 3 years–since 2/6/2006.  That’s a long time online.)

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