And sometimes the mistakes make it all worth it

Grades are due at 8am tomorrow, a deadline I will largely make.  Also, winter session courses start tomorrow, which will be a little dicey . . . but I’m pretty sure I can get us through the opening of Bleak House.

But I’m poking my head up from a self-created grading hell to celebrate my favorite two typos of the late paper rush:

  • One author apparently writes about “climb mate change,” which I think is what happens when you decide to get some new hiking buddies, or when your sex life dries up.
  • In one of my favorite persistent typos ever, a student wrote an entire final paper on a woman named “Charlotte Brönte.” I love this because, on the one hand, the student’s detail-orientated enough to know that the umlaut is important, but, on the other hand, not quite enough to notice the right location!

Not typo-related, but still worth reading: Jonathan Goodwin’s got a specific scholarly desire, and Scott McLemee has noticed something about the way academics discuss journalism.

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