Playing with Blogs: Links for Student Learning Colloquium at CCSU

(This isn’t quite my slide presentation, but a list related resources.  Here’s the slide presentation itself.)

It’s nice to start with an epigraph.  Here’s Jo Guldi on what humanities pedagogy could look like today:

 A characterization of humanities pedagogy based on risk-taking, insight, and pattern-finding is very exciting. It pushes past the monotony of the college essay and re-emphasizes the skills of perception upon which the humanities have traditionally been based. It creates richer minds and broader sets of experience.

(Definitely click the link: Her “5-minute map” idea is awe-inspiring in its simplicity and potential.)

If you are wholly new to blogs/social media, here are three videos I  recommend:

There are lots-n-lots of academic blogs out there–if you search [your field] blogs . . . you’ll find something worth reading.  (Here are 3 to start: University Diaries, academhack, and PrintCulture.)
Rather than turn this into a long post, here are my previous posts on Ivanhoe & Twitter, plus some bonus teaching-with-technology goodness:

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