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I always knew my brain was different

Via Andrew Sullivan, here’s Jonah Lehrer reporting that, according to brain scans, it’s harder to pay with cash than with credit cards: one of the reasons credit cards are such a popular form of debt is that they take advantage … Continue reading

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Miscellany (RBOC)

A few not-quite random things: Apparently the local paper’s closing.  It wasn’t a very good paper recently, but still — that’s a blow. Here’s a short video (via A.) featuring the boy’s elementary school & it’s use of continuous data-driven … Continue reading

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Punctuation & attitude

I haven’t taught composition in a couple of years, less from aversion than from natural patterns (if you get reassigned time, you usually buy out comp; likewise, if you teach in an interdisciplinary program, it usually replaces comp).  In the … Continue reading

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Review: Matthew Zapruder’s The Pajamaist

It’d been a couple of months since I actually finished a poetry review for Bookslut, but, happily, one made it in time for this month’s issue.  The book is Matthew Zapruder’s 2nd collection, The Pajamaist: Matthew Zapruder’s self-assessment here is, … Continue reading

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