Miscellany (RBOC)

A few not-quite random things:

  • Apparently the local paper’s closing.  It wasn’t a very good paper recently, but still — that’s a blow.
  • Here’s a short video (via A.) featuring the boy’s elementary school & it’s use of continuous data-driven assessment as a way to improve performance on standardized tests.  (The video starts with information about the school’s demographics–66% “low-income,” and we live in a relatively nice part of the city.) I like the principal a lot, but it’s a little chilling to hear him speak approvingly about “taking the opinion out of teaching.”
  • I have a post at GeekDad today (Tuesday) about the cultural prehistory of Clone Commander Cody, a minor character from Revenge of the Sith who’s far more important in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
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