Over pancakes, the boy realizes the dark truth behind dating

This morning at breakfast we were talking about college & saving.  A pointed out that if the 5-yr-old went to a CSU school, we could set him up pretty well for afterwards.  He said that he’d probably like to use that money for toys.  Then the following exchange:

A: When you’re a college boy I’d probably rather you spend your money on your girlfriend than on Lego toys or comic books.

A very horrified Boy: I will not have to pay a girl to be my girlfriend!

A falls over laughing, then: No, I mean you would take her out, or buy her things.

Boy: We’ll see . . . but I don’t think I’ll have to give her my money.

Not sure where, at 5, he would have picked up on the idea that some people pay for it, and that it’s culturally deprecated, but there you are. (Relatedly, see the Comics Curmudgeon.)

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