The difference between kindergarten and college

It’s a rainy day in CT, and so this morning at breakfast the topic of “going to school in the rain” came up.  Here’s the conversation with the 5-yr-old:

we were talking about how kindergartners are a lot like
college boys — except college boys can choose not to go to class.
[The boy] said, “I can tell you one thing: If they’re not there, they are
home playin’ video games!”  And then he said, “You know that’s true!”

Alex, I believe he’s talking about you.  The fact that he started playing Lego Batman on the Wii yesterday has nothing to do with it, I’m sure . . .

Other college-themed geekery from this morning: A kind of plumbing I can understand!

Hey, look who’s at Geek Dad today!

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