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The Amethyst Initiative: Promoting honest discussions about alcohol

The Associated Press has a story up this morning about the Amethyst Initiative, a movement of university presidents and chancellors to promote a debate about lowering the drinking age back to 18.  This is an excellent idea.  Raising the age … Continue reading

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Meta: Posts that draw a surprising number of hits every day

And, I’m back from vacation.  (See here, here, and here.)  There’s no better way to capitalize on the traffic spike from than to . . . have it come while on a week’s hiatus.  Damn.  It did give me … Continue reading

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Concert review: Neil Diamond at the Hartford Civic Center

There’s no easy way to say this: A & I went see Neil Diamond’s concert Thursday night. (Here’s the Courant’s review; the WFSB news producer liked the show.) It’s safe to say we differ on the Diamond: A has strong … Continue reading

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Those resourceful Victorians

This is Kate Summerscale, describing textile factories in Trowbridge in 1860: in the morning the machines would start to pound and whirr, and the air would thicken with smoke, soot, the smells of urine (collected in tubs from public houses … Continue reading

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The PsychoSlut returns: Freud on everyday life

After a brief hiatus to get caught up in my project of re-reading Freud volume by volume, the PsychoSlut column is back in the August issue of Bookslut, reading The Psychopathology of Everyday Life: My five-year-old memorizes song lyrics like … Continue reading

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