Paging Leland Chee . . .

Wired calls Leland Chee “the Star Wars continuity cop,”  the man responsible for  “keep[ing] meticulous track of not just the six live-action movies but also cartoons, TV specials, scores of videogames and reference books, and hundreds of novels and comics.”

To occupy our 5-yr-old while we were getting ready for a visit from Wisconsin relatives, A bought him a DK Readers book about the new Star Wars: Clone Wars animated movie.  The book’s called Watch Out for Jabba the Hutt.

It turns out that there’s an error of fact in the book: It claims that Jabba the Hutt is the uncle of (the flamboyant, offensive) Ziro the Hutt.  (See the photographic proof here.)  As people who have seen the movie will know, however, this is backwards: Ziro’s the uncle.  (Wookiepedia has it here.)

All of this is just to say that, today, 29 August 2008, my 5-yr-old spotted his first nitpicky, continuity-type error in a Star Wars-universe related item.  All by himself.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure whether to wipe away a tear of pride or turn ourselves in to Child Services.

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