A good day in the New Britain local news


Nader Saleh, landlord of the Robert E. Sheridan apartment building at 75 Martin Luther King Drive, said Tuesday that he has been battling a bedbug problem in about a dozen rooms in his building for six weeks.

It’s one of several buildings across the city suffering infestation, health officials say.


Health Department officials said Tuesday that they have been responding to more than double the usual amount of complaints this month for uncut lawns, bugs, rodents and assorted blight, most of it attributable to foreclosures and banks not attending to their vacant properties.

One property owner whose uncut grass and debris is providing a safe haven for rodents is none other than the city of New Britain.

Even worse:

A convicted sex offender was charged with attempted murder and first-degree assault Saturday after he repeatedly stabbed a city resident in what his public defender said may have been a dispute over $10 in crack cocaine.

This story reminded me of the time I was foreman of a jury in Chicago, and the cops were able to follow the attacker from the scene of the crime to his bedroom because he was dropping money as he ran: “Officers who were trying to figure out where the victim was followed a trail of blood from the parking lot to the [attacker’s] uncle’s apartment and then discovered the kitchen of the residence was filled with blood.”

To recap, though: A bug-infested, trashy place where you can get stabbed over a $10 crack deal.

Obviously it’s not really so bad.  For example, there are a lot of fun activities loosely associated with Parks & Rec.  For example,  registration for New Britain Youth Soccer has been extended through this weekend, with registrations being taken at Willow Brook park on Saturday from 2-4.   Judging from the preliminary numbers at the most recent meeting, this is going to be a big fall!  (Not so big: poetry workshops.)

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  1. Frothy McBaldman says:

    I’m really baffled by the approach banks take with foreclosed properties. All questions of urban blight aside, how do they make money by seizing a property and utterly neglecting it? In our local market we have dozens of foreclosed homes–no self-respecting realtor will show them, and the damage done by weather (which buckles floorboards and puckers paint when the heat is turned off over the winter) and varmints over several months of dereliction kills their value. One local home listed for $139,000 before foreclosure (yes, housing here is kinda cheap to begin with, but still) wound up selling for under $80K. Perhaps a little stewardship would encourage folks to start talking about the subprime mortgage crisis in the past tense. I reckon the Health Department has better things to do as well. /rant

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