So the Flip really is easy to use . . .

A week or so ago I bought a Flip video camera–after an amusing exchange at Best Buy in which a sales associate claimed never to have heard of this trendy popular camera despite standing in front of a display of ’em–for a Secret Video Project.

It turns out that it is *exactly* as easy to use as advertised, and so I’ve already shot more video in the past week than I did in the previous 3 or 4 years combined.  (We shot a little during the kid’s first year.)

I promise not to turn this into a blog for home movies, but conveniently the 5-yr-old picked up some new tricks–all this week!–that I can show off.

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2 Responses to So the Flip really is easy to use . . .

  1. Brian says:

    Interesting…I’ve read about these but have generally found movie mode on my camera to do enough for me. Any comment?

    Plus, I’m going to have to start posting videos of my 5-year-old so we can get material ready for that fateful day when we face off against one another at Little League championships.

  2. jbj says:

    I can’t possibly comment on *your* camera . . . ! But my camera’s video mode has never been especially congenial. I’m sure the camera technically is at least as good as the Flip, so the shift is all about simplicity.

    If you’re comfortable with your camera, then there’s precious little reason to switch.

    And I can’t believe Little League fall ball starts in a couple of weeks! We’d just gotten used to having weekends and evenings free again!

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