Spam vs. my career

A few months ago I mentioned that my school’s spam filter was catching e-mails related to my Bookslut interviews & the PsychoSlut column, because of the “sexual nature” of the messages.

I’ll need to start checking my folder more rigorously, because last week I became the book review editor for Psychoanalysis, Culture, Society. Pretty
sure that you can’t write about psychoanalysis without talking about sex. (Even when you argue–as I have!–that “When we speak of sexuality . . . we are essentially just euphemizing the past.”)  Apparently to the spam filter it all looks like come-ons for penis enlargers and porn videos.

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3 Responses to Spam vs. my career

  1. squawky says:

    I can sympathize 🙂 — I turned my CCSU spam filters off completely this semester after (first) a couple of student messages from blackboard went into the junk folder and (second) a colleague’s emails kept being junked… his email address – based on his last name – starts with ‘hardgro’ . I should’ve realized that might hit on the spam filters!

    Luckily I don’t get many spam emails…. yet. Not looking forward to them.

  2. As someone who works on the history of gender and sexuality, legitimate stuff gets sent to the spam folder all the time. Ditto with students who have, ahem, interesting email addresses (e.g. crazysexyfatchick). Somehow the Viagra ads keep getting through though! Still, I wouldn’t turn off my spam filters because if I did I would get 400+ emails a day. It’s much easier to just retrieve the handful of legitimate ones.

  3. Alex says:

    I would love to get a list of all the e-mail surnames you crazy professors get. I secretly think it’s the best way to analyze trends in student behavior: what we decide to use as our moniker.

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