Transparency & urban planning

Anyone who’s been to downtown New Britain knows that it needs development badly. (And replacing Famous Dave’s with a Denny’s isn’t a step in the right direction.)  But today’s report in the Herald is a little worrisome:

But there were no members of the public there Thursday to see the clear Plexiglas mockups that towered above existing buildings.

Only officials sat in the seats of the council chambers.

. . .

When the panel moved to close the public hearing, after hearing no comments from the public, Harrall urged them to keep it open while the commission considers the proposed zone changes that go with the master plan.

It’s not very encouraging that the *consultant* has to be the one urging the city to keep the process open.

(The “no comments from the public” bit isn’t very convincing, either: Neither the city nor the Herald make it very easy to find out information, or to recognize that input is being called for.)

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