What to do?

So, I just dropped off A & E at the airport, so that they can fly off to an area she calls “the suburbs of Green Bay” in order to watch her niece, E’s cousin, be christened.  (On Easter Sunday!  No pressure or anything . . . )  That leaves me by myself until quite late Sunday night.  As far as I can tell, I have four very middle-aged fantasies about what might happen over these next several days:

  • A maelstrom of research productivity, to make sure I get as many things close to completion as possible. (Of course, the library’s closed for 3 of the days . . . )
  • A burst of grading & service productivity, to help the rest of the semester wind down gracefully.
  • It’s my understanding that a major sporting event starts in a few minutes . . . I could watch without having to explain to the 4-yr-old that you can’t change who you’re rooting for every time the score changes.
  • I could sleep . . . s-l-e-e-p . . . SLEEP!

What will probably happen is that I’ll do just enough of all 4 of these things to feel stressed about them all, plus screw around with this cool new semantic web tool that I got a beta invite for yesterday,  plus random web time-wasting.  *Sigh.*

What would you do if you were stranded without family for the last 4 days of spring break?

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8 Responses to What to do?

  1. jbj says:

    I’ve never been more confident that I was about to be rickrolled.

  2. Brian says:

    I would probably do the same thing that you would. Have a fantasy about reading two novels, finishing a chapter’s revisions, and revisiting lost hobbies.

    I would end up reading blogs @ academia and music and not sleeping, despite my best intentions to do so.

  3. Sleeping later than 6am would top my list — my hubby gets up real early to run with the dog. She and the cat then wake me up for breakfast when he heads off to work (why he doesn’t feed them before he leaves I’ll never understand). Ignoring them is impossible. The dog gets under the bed and whines, while the cat dive bombs me from the headboard.

  4. Katy says:

    This happened to me a few weekends ago when J took B to Nashville for the weekend. I had “dissertation bootcamp” and I did do a lot of work. I also watched a move, slept in (yay!) and did a lot of blog reading. Not much in the way of grading though… Enjoy your freedom!

  5. Alex says:

    You have really no idea how much I was tempted to do so, Doc.

  6. jbj says:

    I remember having dogs–I used to have 2 boxers, one of whom would leap from the floor onto the bed. Not pretty.

    In the event, what happened today was I came to campus, and they put in 4 new bookshelves in my office! Which was great, except I had to spend several hours moving stuff around.

    It *almost* looks like a grown-up’s office!

  7. tbrock says:

    hey, how about an update blog on twine? I (finally) received my beta test, and I am curious how you are going about using it…

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