Who will spare these poor coaches from their pains?

In today’s Times article on Margaret McCaffery, wife of the current Siena basketball coach, we find the following mark of human suffering:

“[McCaffrey] knows the game, obviously, so he can talk to her about it if he wants,” said Digger Phelps, a former Notre Dame coach and current ESPN commentator. “My ex-wife, I had to talk to her about literature.”

It *is* disappointing that a college coach’s wife might expect him to be able to chat a little about books.  Honestly!   The nerve . . .

(Though, of course, the set of “men who complain about what their ex-wives wanted to talk about instead of their own interests” is a well-populated one, and so perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on poor Digger.  If he would like to sit in on my Brit Lit II class some semester, I can probably fix him right up.  Or, I think I’m teaching a world lit survey this summer–maybe that would suit?)

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