Fighting words

If you bracket the 2 years or so right after 9/11, when he lost his mind and started ranting about treasonous America-haters, then Andrew Sullivan has been, for more than a decade now, one of my favorite writers.  I’ve taught Virtually Normal in composition classes.

But if he is going to start going after Coke Zero, as this post implies, he might have to come out of my Bloglines subscription.   (I think Sullivan’s partial to Tab.)  The drink is probably the biggest factor in this transformation.  Well, that and walking to work.  And reducing carbs.  And vastly reducing takeout after the kid was born.  But I’m pretty sure it’s the Coke Zero.*

Hate Zero, and you hate America!

*True story: My mother recently played for my family a recording of me at 2, in which, among other things, I fondly remember the Coke from the previous night’s trip to the Hut.  And I have a relative by marriage with an insomniac 18-month-old, who drinks Coke.

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