Sandy + 30boxes

Remember Sandy, the nifty e-mail personal assistant from Values of N? (Not just e-mail, of course: You can also send commands to Sandy via Twitter.)

If you’ve been holding off on giving the service a try because you already have a calendar, then I have good news:

Sandy now publishes an iCal feed readable by 30boxes, gCal, iCal — even the poor souls in Outlook.

And 30boxes recently unveiled a pretty, pretty iPhone interface, so pretty that it hurts less while you watch meetings clog what ordinarily is your most productive afternoon.

It’s like a web 2.0 / productivity / Mac nerdvana.

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2 Responses to Sandy + 30boxes

  1. Narendra says:


    I spent hours laboring over that UI so I am very happy to hear you like it. Mac nerdvana, definitely what we aspire to.

  2. Alex says:

    I have never gotten into any calendar app, mostly due to lack of effort. This little harmonious infrastructure may force me to make the move towards calendarizing my existence.

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