The one with the awesomeness

I know that, per internet law, it’s bad form to link to something after it has shown up on boingboing, since virtually everyone online will have seen it.  But . . .

It is a source of deep, abiding shame personal pride that I can elucidate almost any canonical Victorian or modernist work of literature by appealing to some episode or other of Friends.  (This is hard-won knowledge: A & I own the entire 10-season run on DVD.* Most nights we watch one episode, as a way to regroup after The Little Man has fallen asleep, without falling into the, “Hey, I wonder what’s on next?” trap.)

The students who read this blog will doubtless attest that I deploy this shameful power at virtually all opportunities.  (I need to strike fast, before people stop recognizing the show . . . )

Anyway, you all know where this is going:

The FriendsSuperFriends mashup, which has been around a while but which was posted yesterday on boingboing.  I can’t identify the SuperFriend sources, but the Friends episode is a classic: The One with the Embryos.

*Note: I have never claimed on this blog, or anywhere else, to be cool.

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