The one with the awesomeness

I know that, per internet law, it’s bad form to link to something after it has shown up on boingboing, since virtually everyone online will have seen it.  But . . .

It is a source of deep, abiding shame personal pride that I can elucidate almost any canonical Victorian or modernist work of literature by appealing to some episode or other of Friends.  (This is hard-won knowledge: A & I own the entire 10-season run on DVD.* Most nights we watch one episode, as a way to regroup after The Little Man has fallen asleep, without falling into the, “Hey, I wonder what’s on next?” trap.)

The students who read this blog will doubtless attest that I deploy this shameful power at virtually all opportunities.  (I need to strike fast, before people stop recognizing the show . . . )

Anyway, you all know where this is going:

The FriendsSuperFriends mashup, which has been around a while but which was posted yesterday on boingboing.  I can’t identify the SuperFriend sources, but the Friends episode is a classic: The One with the Embryos.

*Note: I have never claimed on this blog, or anywhere else, to be cool.

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  1. Oh THANK GOD. (The other day I *might have* explained the Bloomsbury Group as something like a hyper-literate ‘Friends’ situation in Gordon Square.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny to see Mark Bauerlein stunned by his students’ non-recognition of “Doc Hollywood.” I remember in a grad seminar with him, he spent time doing readings of “Back to the Future” and “Vanilla Sky.” They were actually very good readings, but his grasp on contemporary pop culture was shaky even in 2002.

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