Moral wisdom from a rat

Just in time for the nation’s holiday travel, Stephan Pastis offers up an irrefutable moral truth: People who recline their airline seat when there’s someone sitting behind them are genuinely evil:

I’ve not–yet–slammed anyone’s head into a tray table, but once I rested my book on someone’s head, after he reclined his seat so far that I couldn’t otherwise hold the book upright.

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4 Responses to Moral wisdom from a rat


    (Avoid moral/philosophical conundrums with commercialism–‘when in doubt, buy more stuff.’)

  2. jbj says:

    Sure, but if I buy that, then *I* look like the jerk, instead of the SOB in the seat ahead.

    I am Southern enough to prefer to suffer and silently hate the person ahead of me rather than appear ungracious.

  3. Mama Anarchia says:

    Pffft, you might, but I’m gettin’ me a pair of those!!

    You try lasting 16 hours straight behind one of those people…. That lady (I, of course, would call her by another name) had to be told THREE TIMES to put her seat back up when we were landing in Sydney. My legs will never forgive me.

    But then, I was never one for graciousness. Heeeee!

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